Parole sante

In music, as we get better, it is harder for us to enjoy music.
It is harder to listen to many songs that are made today because we can sense things that most nonmusical people don’t know or think about (like why all the latest bands all sound alike). Most people don’t care. They’re just hearing music they love.
As much fun as it is to break down other music, stop.
Stop talking about how terrible the industry is.
Stop talking about how untalented a band is.
Stop talking about how you could play everything that one band could play so easily.
Stop stroking your ego.
If people love that style of music then those musicians are doing something right.
Analyze. See if you can find something that you can use for yourself.

Songwriting Tip of the Day for November 10, 2005, from Harmony Central – All rights reserved.

2 pensieri su “Parole sante

  1. ste


    e mica solo in campo musicale

    dev’essere la gioventù che ci porta ad essere così critici. Poi passa.

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