Oh well well well…

I’m back to home. So sad, by the way.
It’s damn sad because so many things happened changed me. Of course only great and wonderful things, that now I’m missing from day one at my place.
I’d like to start it all over again, I’d like to feel the joy about new “welcomes” or new drinks with strangers from all the Europe, at the same table. Strangers from that point will be strong friends in seconds.

I miss even the snoring in the dormitory. I miss those annoying chores… that only for the reason we were all togheter now come to my mind like a funny moment, something to care about and remember with a smile.
Meeting someone in the kitchen, talking about something while drinking a coffee. Cooking for someone just arrived and starting to talk. Discovering new places and cultures.

I miss also other things, more personal, but releted to these awesome days.
I’m going to write down an extended detailed story, trying to improve my spoken english response and letting all my new cross-Europe friends to share feelings.

Hope to hear about you guys on my site.

I miss you all, deeply.

3 pensieri su “Oh well well well…

  1. Ben

    The Collective may be over for now, but there will be another one. Plus, I will be coming for a visit! 🙂 Hopefully soon.

    I also look forward to reading your stories.


  2. Sonja

    I’m with you, and it feels like the true blues. Do you know True Taylor’s (aka Paul Simon) song “play me a sad song”? …Waaahh hhh *sniff* aahww :(…

    But why am I already laughing again now? Maybe it’s because none of us can ever again be too far away from each other to still be real! We’ve made changes in each other that cannot be undone anymore, neither with ten wild horses nor even by dropping dead – it’s settled. Each one I remember is a part of my heart now. Btw: That’s safer than google-caches 😉

    The blues I’ve got now aren’t so much a grief of loss, or a boredom back in the treadmill, but rather the tension of knowing the taste of the grass beyond the fence and the longing to go there again. Oooh that’s quite negro spiritual and very romantic. Did I really write that?! Hey, I hope the blues won’t leave me, they make me feel alive and I’d rather pay the cost to keep that up!

    Daniel, what a pity that I don’t understand your beautiful native tongue, okay, that’s for later. For now I’m happy with reading your mind in this blog 🙂


  3. konstantina

    io ieri facevo tutta la fighetta che sono contenta di stare a casa e che non ci deve essere tristezza dopo un’esperienza così bella…invece stamattina mi sono svegliata con un nodo allo stomaco, non mi andava proprio di alzarmi…alla fine ce l’ho fatta, mi sono alzata, ho annaffiato ancora una volta le piante in un disperato tentativo di tenerle vive e di farle sentire volute bene.poi mi sono fatta un caffè e mi sono messa sul balcone che è una cosa che amo fare la domenica…ma niente fatto, tutto storto…il latte non c’è ed io odio il caffè senza latte, il cielo è grigio e soffia un vento freddo e umido.ma io insisto, sono ancora qui sul sofa del mio balcone bevendo il mio caffè schifoso e cercando di vedere il lato positivo della cosa, cioè che ho vissuto dei giorni bellissimi, che ho conosciuto la “crema-schiuma”:-)) della gente che vive in questo mondo e che ho ancora un motivo per sperare che il mio funerale potrà aspettare ancora un po’…le amicizie che sono nate in questi giorni e che hanno bisogno delle mie cure e attenzioni per crescere e fiorire…

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