“Neeeext… “: 2006’s leaving, 2007’s coming

Work in progress - 2007
Just to let you know, my trustful friends, I’m doing stuff greedy time-consuming and usually with no effort/result ratio less than 1.

Hopefully any unpleasant aspect is nothing compared to having close to meKonstantina, but I have to resolve something pissing me off about university.

More to come about this year, events happened in these last 12 months, ideas and greetings, for completeness.

Internet, Flash and destiny are evil, remember. 🙂
See you really soon.

7 pensieri su ““Neeeext… “: 2006’s leaving, 2007’s coming

  1. nano

    i tuoi splendidi capelli……………l’unica certezza della mia vita…………….

  2. xoni

    btw… how about RSS feeds from your blog? (Yep, the internet is an evil demon cying feed feed feed meeeee!!!)

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