Silently (…”Lost” is going to showdown)

That’s right. Silently.
To you, dear reader and/or friend, nothing seems different. This, for a little while.

But under the hood, the roots now are different. did its best to change the game once again, but I didn’t care so much about.
When I was ready to upgrade, the brand new 2.2 version came out.
Finally, here we go: a new shiny upgrade to WordPress 2.2. Pretty much the same, isn’t it?
Wait until the new template will come. Meanwhile, just minutes before new Lost’s secret will be revealed, I want to point out my theory, yet discussed months ago.

Keeping seriously this stuff, I mean theorize about a TV show, it’s quite stupid.
This is nothing more than a game for me. Something good to use when arguing about ideas referred to Lost, screaming loud “I was damn right, I told you!!”.
I don’t want to take it hard and hyper detailed as I see in many forum and just for a such simple reason: the game may change in every moment by producers, events or… network earnings.

So. We could for sure have fun joining the points of the draw.

As I said, I’m strongly convinced that scripts from the movies “Abres los ojos” and/or “Vanilla sky” have a central role in the story.
Because since the very first scene, there’s an opening eye. This as a passage from a state to the other.
Everyone has opened their eyes all along the show.
Just like everyone has a story to forget and a situation that could be overimposed with something better. Just like the “Life Extension” used in those movie.
Hey?!!? What are you saying?
That’s right! There’s “Life Extension” also in Lost.
There’s an entire and huge company, strong and deeply into mind control and human behavior.

Everyone has money or fall into situation that could let them get into such a, let’s call, “system”.

We can’t take “Lost” totally on the sci-fi side, it isn’t “Star Trek”. We could imagine a futuristic, but really possible, use of technology.

Everything strange happens on the Island, to me, are mind connections to a “system”.
Dying seems not to be a great deal. They die so easy. In the last episodes also they come back from death! (Mijkail)
Obviously something wrong occured. Just like in those movies. Some one from the outside of the “system” took a while before helping the starring character and in Lost there are many characters.

I want to cut short with this now, I wanted only to write some ideas, a little before the finale, just to play the “wannabe producer” game.
Let’s call my theory “Eyes on Vanilla Matrix”. Fits good!

Please, let me know what you think.

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