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Gänseliesel [1]Hello people!
So many days passed by since I didn’t write anything, but now I’m going to tell you something about what is going on.
It’s snowing outside right now. It comes and go… just like moments in your life.

I’m still in Göttingen and I’ll stay here as long as possible, because I moved in here. You may probably know what or who has pushed me here, but I’d like to take the longest path, so you’ll have something to read. 🙂

Many things are related and many things popped out from a magic hat in such a short time: let me figure them out.
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“Bloody hell!!! I did ‘Communications foundamentals’!!”

I don’t think to be that kind of person continues to bury hifself with issues and problems, feelling like a victim and annoying friends. But I’ve to say in the last years not so many things took the right way. And my mind keeps moving its machinery thinking of it.
I know, I did my bet with university, changing my life returning a student, but more than graduation, was betting to become a better person, as Earl does with his list, trying to balance his bad karma along his life.
Maybe I felt to write down my list unconsciously at heart and doing the same. My karma wasn’t such a son of a bitch as I saw for so many other people, but a subtle and continuos thought, giggling in my head, making you not feeling bad, but not happy for sure too.

Things were stable without any bad variations nor well. An aseptic limbo.
Sometimes there were exceptional moments like my trip in L.A., some huge psycological lowdowns destroyed like my restrictive math exams or really nice people, not so special, met.
But at my 30 years birthday, I was still wondering if I was missing something and where I would have had to search for it.

After my birthday I left the apartment in the wonderful “Vicolo ‘Melrose’ Pastori 1” place and strangely, things started to work. Was it a curse?! 🙂
No, I don’t think so and whatever I don’t care about it, a week after I passed one of my (and for many others too) nightmare exam. “Cool man.. I did ‘Communications’… now it’s time to enjoy this hot July.”

And then comes the Couchsurfing thing in Eisenstadt.


And what does it means “About gifts”?
Because I feel as I received so many gifts, in the wrong order often and now they’re coming correctly.
Did you ever felt lucky or gifted?

Yes, I felt. I felt like some things happened in the exact moment they had to. Other times not. But this doesn’t mean it wasn’t a gift. An enlightenment to a bigger plan maybe. Something to figure it out and so complex that it’s easier not considering it a gift.
“Damn, why this is happening NOW?” when supposed bad events were on the way?
Ok, I said I don’t want seem a victim…. 🙂 Just trying to let you see the big picture. I think this is a quite common point of view. Let’s go deep.

Experiencing Couchsurfing was the moment to revert the whole picture. Taking the paint, watching it, saying “mh.. cute, but” and moving to another point of view.
In the previous months I experienced so many events, not so disappointing by themselves, but tricky. As a Rubick cube to solve. Nothing difficult, only weird. With so many friends and good people, but feeling alone.
As a perfect and intricate mechanism stucked by a little grain of sand.

Since July pieces started to fit well together more and more. I don’t want to put all in the hands of Fate, but the story has more taste and I love to think about it.

Sure “Love”.
As I said in a previous post, Eisenstadt was a great moment full of overwelming vibes. And after that post I stopped describing it, claiming for a new one.
Isn’t the right time now and probably I wouldn’t write anything about it: you’ll have to try and feel Couchsurfing.

What I’m going to say now (that is what I described to Mauro&Carlo, a premium drunk comedy firm 🙂 at the paella thing at my place) is what took me here in Göttingen, why I’m here.
I said you I was going to pick the longest path…. 🙂

6 pensieri su “About gifts

  1. Sonia

    scusa…. ma dove sei in questo momento???
    Contattami via mail, che facciamo una chiacchierata!
    (sorry if I use the blog for personal comment, but i don’t be able to contact Daniel in other way … )

  2. Vale

    …You don’t even know how much I’m happy for you, for your life in these days, you deserve it…oh yes you deserve all of this happines! 🙂

  3. Xoni

    Gifts are there to be taken, gifts are there to be shared, gifts are there to be treasured. Bless you and Konstantina 🙂

  4. Zampy

    My english suks so I’ll be brief to prevent mistakes: your happyness is the gift your friends were waiting for! So, thanks a lot for this gift dear friend! I hope this little period become your whole life! I arm you!

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