Technology has its own life

Big buzz yesterday. Or maybe not at all.

What came out from the WWDC 2007 in San Francisco isn’t that impressive that someone could expect from an Apple event.

I’ve heard many out there blaming Steve Jobs about the lightness, the sensation of something yet unveild, so not interesting to the mass.

The problem is that too many aren’t able to feel innovation for what it really is: nothing you can plan before.

And so?

Let me tell you: I had hard times to get in touch with technology in the past, for many reasons. For sure I’m and wasn’t the guy living in a thrilled San Francisco, with everything is constantly in motion about new stuff. I’d love to, for a while, but I said that to explain I don’t have the possibility to keep me update as I would.
What I could figure out is the deepest way of using together the good sense and technology.

Better to point out the concept with an example.
Years ago I was employed in a big Internet agency and in that time, thing were really good in Italy, but you could could smell the smoke arriving quite well. The New Economy was falling down if not yet died.
I was a supervisor/programmer for Flash stuff (damn!!) and I was asked to evaluate a visual interface and give an opinion.
It was a sphere navigation thing. On a Nokia Communicator. A sphere with 1:1 dimensional ratio on a screen with far more than 16:9 format. This was a navigation!
At every click, you were supposed to fall inside and there another sphere and so on.
So, after few minutes: “This is pure crap, why in the 20th century with crazy heads like Nordic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese engineers with years of experience in user interface, we should promote and use this totally unuseful thing?” Straight from the heart.
“Because it’s innovative!!” A valuable project manager remarked me with a bit of angry about my (a little too much) sincere description.
In that exact moment I was pushed out from any meeting about it, but for sure from then on I never used the word “innovative” anymore and I understood how the most perceive it.

So, what the hell does it mean?
“Innovation” is something everyone wants to accomplish, but most of the time what they’re working on it’s only “evolution” of. Usually they associate this with “new”, so “innovative”.

In my opinion you can’t reach innovation on purpose. No way. Also innovation doesn’t care if the thing is going on is new or not. It doesn’t mean it has to be impressive too.
There are so many great ideas out there without the tag of innovative.

With this point of view I want to discuss a little on from the yesterday Steve Jobs’s speech/presentation.

Sing it again, Steve

We all know about the great thing Apple did and is doing. At the same time we are aware about some “glitches” that compromised Apple products.
Usually I apply the rule that after many Apple’s successes has to come something wrong.
I hope nothing happens, especially if you bought something, but I remain every time with doubt and in general a step before di average freaking audience (often made by fanatics).
Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple. But it’s like giving a good word to a good friend honestly.
Good. At this moment I’m divided on some aspects.

The keynote remain a must to see and this time, with the opening sketch, they were great! 🙂
The guy acting as the “PC” in the Apple’s promo took the soul of Steve in a way it should be as part of the Saturday Night Live. I loved it so much!
Along the keynote, facts were a little boring actually. But things aren’t what they seemed.
Take the Time Machine feature. Ok, it’s just backup. My girlfriend say it pure and simple: “So it’s going to copy it all the time…”.
The step forward is to let everyone do it. With no hassle at least. You have to provide a new mammuth style hard drive, but that’s all.
The innovation could be moving people to the action, not the action itself, yet old since the days of tube computers.

Strangely, in the other side, Apple is making a big mess with iPhone, anticipating it, swearing it will a blast, claiming “innovation”. No Steve, please, don’t do it!
iPhone seems to be a great tool, but you know, the real aftermath is done when the product comes the people. Those that use tool in the weirdest way you could or could not imagine.

I’m craving for a small device, with wi-fi, robust enough, cute enough, easily extendible enough. I can expect it doesn’t come for free or to be cheap, but that’s what my personal vision may expect.
Before was the phone.
Then the player.
Then the camera.
Then them both together.
A tablet pc is something you could build, they can build everything, but the purpose, isn’t centered.
iPhone has all these things I would. But what about the big screen? What about the battery?
I’m aware that electronics now last less than your underware, but you can’t rely on the electronic life cycle for a battery change.
And the bigger the screen is, the more risks you may have.
All these are simple and common facts. Apple here is playing hard as with the Cube’s time.
The Cube was lovely and for me it had only one defect: the switch button.
What about now? What will be the iPhone if something goes wrong.
Simply you can plan it. You can suppose and then “Bingo”, you got it. But you can’t plan a success entirely.
iPhone may change the telephony world and in the same time falling under the ground as 30 years ago did some Apple’s computers.

The technology has its own life.
What it’s sure that on June 29th I’ll be 31. Damn!!

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