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European Couchsurfing Collective 2006

Every (new) friend is sacred… [part 1]


I’m right here in front my tiny 12″ monitor, watching it but stuck into a storm of feelings and thoughts, with that bright LCD light against my face, lost into the void.
I smile for a while, a second after I’m like those bittersweet faces that want to smile to not let a tear drop falling down.
It’s all about friendship, a wider one. It’s joy, but also the will to have it more.
Something like around my place (Treviso, Italy) it’s so difficult to find out. Over here is always the same and in the last years, people’s minds changed in favor of a selfish vision of life. I’m bored about that, suffocating between common places and I needed something different.
Isn’t a matter of racism, an hate versus my people (ok, just a little…): it’s a change of perspective.
Have had the possibility to expand something usually isn’t like I would.
Friends, eyes, hugs, laughs, discussions, understandings and misunderstandings among 30 to 40 new faces world-wide.
All in 10 days.

The first time I tried this crazy thing like Couchsurfing, I was amazed about the help, the possibilities. Afterwards, was like understanding if all that was true or only a kind of lucky draw.
I mean, if sharing places and friendship it’s so easy and awesome. If the next time will be like my first attempt.

As you know CS crashed. For me, only one week after my first try. Had no time to get my first reference and friend link, all disappeared.
During the Collective I’ll discover this event had catch at the heart of everyone.

Seems weird reading about it, but the Collective experience bited my (and your, I suppose) soul, deep from the heart.
The weirdness goes higher if you compare when the “wannabuttfuck” thing comes to your mind… 🙂 and then all this spirituality dues to friendship or strong relations within. Strange how them are related.

This prologue words are the only serious one you’ll read along my posts, I want them not like a sequence of sad remembered things, but moreover a (n hilarious) starting point for the next meetings, laughs, hugs, lunches and dinners, resting time and yes… those fuckin’ chores! 🙂

I’ll put it down as funny as possible, without loosing the spirit and the vital soul of our fantastic Collective.

So… was an evening in April 2006…
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Oh well well well…

I’m back to home. So sad, by the way.
It’s damn sad because so many things happened changed me. Of course only great and wonderful things, that now I’m missing from day one at my place.
I’d like to start it all over again, I’d like to feel the joy about new “welcomes” or new drinks with strangers from all the Europe, at the same table. Strangers from that point will be strong friends in seconds.

I miss even the snoring in the dormitory. I miss those annoying chores… that only for the reason we were all togheter now come to my mind like a funny moment, something to care about and remember with a smile.
Meeting someone in the kitchen, talking about something while drinking a coffee. Cooking for someone just arrived and starting to talk. Discovering new places and cultures.

I miss also other things, more personal, but releted to these awesome days.
I’m going to write down an extended detailed story, trying to improve my spoken english response and letting all my new cross-Europe friends to share feelings.

Hope to hear about you guys on my site.

I miss you all, deeply.

European CS Collective 2006 – day 2 & 3

Il tempo si dilata clamorosamente.
Mi sembra di essere qua da una vita, cercando di comprendere e parlare più decentemente possibile un inglese per sopravvivere in questo mondo, così grande, ma in realtà non così tanto.

Stare ad uno stesso tavolo con alcuni francesi, alcuni tedeschi e austriaci, mezzi svizzeri mezzi spagnoli, cechi (anche se ci vedono), pakistani, americani e canadesi tra i quali mezzi italiani o tedeschi, comunicare con l’altra parte del mondo condividendo la voglia di conoscere e vedere posti nuovi, aiutandosi… è abbastanza impagabile come esperienza, nella sua semplicità.

Bere fino alle 4 di notte e poi andarsene tutti a dormire ridendo con vari accenti da tutto il mondo. Vedere che alla fine, basta poco per stare bene e divertirsi.

Tutto questo fa sì che 4 giorni (cazzo.. solo 4 giorni!!! ) sembrino un’eternità. Se non fosse per questo caldo fottuto, sarebbe fin troppo perfetto.

Devo ammettere che dormire 3 ore per notte comincia a farsi sentire. 🙂

European CS Collective 2006 – day 1

Un’immagine vale più di mille parole.
The Monster Paella from Hell

Penso possa bastare, altrimenti andate qui.

E in tutto ciò stamattina ho trovato pure il tempo di andare a Vienna a portare Stefano a prendere il treno.
Da notare che Stefano è il fratello di Marco, l’altro D’Andrea con il quale sono stato ad L.A.. Si evince facilmente che i giretti normali, non si fanno con le succitate persone. 🙂