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Culinary exploits by Konstantina and me

Pumpkin Crème brulée [sweet]

Crème brulée di zucca [dolce] - Pumpkin Crème brulée [sweet]I’m going to introduce you a new category and set on my Flickr:
Cooking exploits by Konstantina and me.

We usually enjoy so much cooking together and trying some new stuff, so after a bunch of first attempts (cakes and various dishes), we decided to share our productions.

We’d like to start with our sweet Pumpkin Crème brulée. Konstantina recently is freaking out for Cavoletto di Bruxelles, a nice and interesting italian cooking site with cool recipes described by easy going tips and informations. She’s also going crazy for knitting, but it’s another story… 🙂

Enjoy and let us know!